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Terms and Conditions

Modifying Your Existing Order 
Our goal is to provide the best shipping experience possible for that reason once orders are placed, there is a very limited window for us to make changes before your order is processed. If you do need to change your shipping address, change your order contents, or cancel your order. contact our Customer Service Team immediately with your inquiry. Please include yourorder number and the email addressassociated with your order to Help@HydroMate.com for assistance.
Subscription Cancellation Policy
Once you have purchased a HydroMate subscription, your subscription will continue to automatically renew until you cancel the subscription. Your payment method will be charged the subscription price for each order on the renewal date. If you need to request to cancel the subscription, please do so 24 hours in advance of your subscription renewal date. If you cancel your subscription after that time the order will be fulfilled and subject to the Refund Policy
Refund Policy 
HydroMate does not accept returns, exchanges or refunds on any products. These products include but are not limited to, Water Bottles, Water Bottle Accessories, Hydration Drink Mix. This policy is for your protection and the protection of others.We appreciate your understanding as the health and safety of our HydroMate community is our first priority.
Additional Assistance
If you need any additional assistance, help with your order, or just want to chat contact us help@hydromate.com and were happy to help